Our dentist and team believe in promoting whole-body wellness through good dental care. Some patients ignore periodontal disease and its negative effects, but this is a mistake, especially for patients who suffer from additional health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and more.

Dr. Terri Silverman is acutely aware of the intricacies of balancing oral health with chronic health conditions. Years ago, Dr. Silverman’s husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Since then, she has been committed to increasing patient education about improving overall health through good oral health.

For patients with diabetes, the relationship between gum disease and diabetes can be tenuous. Research has shown that severe periodontal disease can make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar, which puts the patient at risk for diabetic complications.

Regardless of your health conditions, addressing mouth infections and inflammation can have a dramatic effect on improving your overall health. When you come to our office, Dr. Silverman will assess your needs and can offer suggestions of which treatments may be the best for you. By utilizing a series of periodontal treatments, our team can improve your oral health, giving you quality results.

If you suffer from a chronic health condition, our dentist in East Northport, New York, will care for your smile’s needs so that we can help you live a healthier life. Contact our team at 631-368-0062 today.